Our LED Spacers come equipped with internal capacitors so they can be directly wired into your cars current electrical system.
The install process is the same for all spacers.

  1. Remove the original car badge.
  2. OPTIONAL but recommended to then file out a small groove in any original badge post hole that any wires will be fed through.
  3. Place the LED spacer onto the original car badge.
  4. Place the car badge with LED spacer onto the car body while feeding the spacer wires through the post hole or holes.
  5. Pull wires though so the LED Spacer and car badge fits snug agains the car body. Be sure not to pinch the wires.
  6. On the opposite side, slide the provided rubber washer over the badge post and wire.
  7. pull the wire though the rubber washer all the way, then pull the wire down out of the way.
  8. Slide the second provided rubber washer over the post, this will sandwich and protect the spacer wires.
  9. Slide the speed washer over the post.


We highly recommend for installers to file out a small groove to give wires plenty of room when installing the spacers. This will keep the wires from getting pinched or cut. See graphic below: